My Top 20 Guilty Pleasures

I have A LOT of guilty pleasures. Some of them are a little embarrassing, but because I want to be able to express myself on this blog, I have decided to share them with you today. Before you begin reading, I would like to point out that these are in no particular order, I equally love gummy bears and goldfish.

1. Haribo gummy bears. This summer, while I was in Europe, I became obsessed with these. Every time my family went to the grocery store, my little sister and I would buy a bag to split. Later, when we got home, she would eat the ones she liked and give me the rejects. I especially like to leave the bag open for a few days and let them get harder. Yes, this is weird.

2. Fan fiction. A couple of years ago, I discovered a website called, where people would post fan fiction they wrote. Every once in a while, I get on it and look up fan fiction for book series I like.

3. Lost. For those of you who don’t know what this is, Lost is a TV show that played several years ago, but is now on Netflix. It’s amazing and I highly suggest watching it.  Just a tip from a girl to a girl, it has some very attractive actors, you will not be disappointed.

4. Goldfish. No I do not mean the fish, I mean the crackers. I like to go into my pantry and take handful after handful and stuff my face.

5. Call Me Maybe. I love to blast this and sing along. I assure you, I know EVERY word.

6. The Tudor family. You know, Henry VII, his daughter Queen Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn, etc. I particularly like to read about the drama involving them.

7. Flappers. If I could go back to any time in history, I would chose the 1920’s so I could be a flapper.

8. Twitter stalking. Admit, you do it too!

9.  Blueberry Pop tarts. Something about the crunchy frosting and the blueberry taste just make me crave them.

10. Clothes. I’m pretty sure this is the case for every girl, but I have so many. It’s a little ridiculous and I wouldn’t suggest opening my closet unless you can handle and avalanche.

11. Gardening. I started gardening when I was in elementary school with my mom’s help at first and then on my own once I was in junior high. This year was the first successful garden I’ve ever had, maybe a little to successful in some areas.

12. Anything Cassandra Clare writes. I could read her books a thousand times and still love them.

13. Mashed Potatoes. I have been known to eat them for breakfast.

14. Dancing around my room. I especially like to blast Taylor Swift and dance around singing loudly.

15. Dillon’s Chinese food.  I swear they have the best Chinese food.

16. Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. This is my song. If you hear a car drive by that is blasting this song, it’s probably me.

17.  Soccer Players. Umm hello, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham!

18.  Swarovski. There was one where I stayed this summer in Austria and we went in it several time. I wanted to buy out the whole store, because it was all so gorgeous.

19. Cooking. I love making gourmet dinners for my family.

20. My dogs. I take care of them like a mom takes care of her children. They are all big babies and require a lot of attention. I love to spoon with them and spoil them.


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