Cleansing the toxins

This summer I made plans to complete a detox cleanse off of Dr. Oz’s website. This did not happen. Instead I decided to wait tell my cross country season was over to try a cleanse.

However, I only wanted to do the cleanse if it was safe and natural. I didn’t want to be drinking some strange, unidentifiable substance. I also was against taking laxatives. My goal here was to detox not lose weight. I didn’t want to be starving either.

I carefully chose the 3-day Dr. Oz cleanse. On Sunday, I went to the store and picked up the ingredients. I will say, the only downside is the price. It costs about $50 for all the food and supplements even with having some of them already.

For me, I found it best to divvy out the each meal’s ingredients in its own bag before I started the cleanse. Then I didn’t have to chop anything at mealtime and all I had to do was add the liquid and powders.

Day 1
I got up early this morning and made my lunch and breakfast drinks. The breakfast smoothie was brown and smelled liked vomit, but the overall taste wasn’t awful, as I would soon find out. I found my detox tea to be very refreshing. Also, I was filled up.

At lunch, I opened my bottle to find a clumpy, green smoothie waiting. It didn’t taste that bad, it was just the texture that I could handle. It took all I had to down it.

After school, I finished the extra bottle of my lunch smoothie for a snack. It was at this point that I started gagging and almost spit it all out.

Dinner was by far the moment I began to wish I hadn’t done the cleanse. My dad told me he was ordering pizza shuttle for dinner. In order to avoid temptation, I made my dinner drink and then got out of the kitchen before the pizza arrived. However, I made the mistake of going down into the kitchen and inhaling the bready, cheesy smell of cream cheese pizza. With extreme willpower, I left the kitchen.

I keep telling myself that this all mental and that after tomorrow I will only have one day left.

Although I miss real food, I have noticed I have more energy and I just feel better. I’m not bloated and gross feeling. I feel good.

Day 2
This is hell. I just want real food. The juices taste like vomit and look like poop. Every time I think about the smoothies, I want to throw up.

I dread every meal and I rather not eat then have to drink that toxic shit.

Day 3
The only thing that got me through today was the thought that today was my last day.

I added some extra raspberries to my morning juice which helped a lot.

At lunch, I could barely drink the juice without gagging. The best part was when my friends tried the juice. I got to watch their faces as they gagged and soured up.

At dinner, I added about a cup more of blueberries and mango and it was so much more bearable. I still didn’t enjoy it but hey you can’t have everything.

After all the suffering, I admit, I think going on a juice cleanse was a good thing. I felt better and more energetic.

Also I feel more in control over what I eat. My main reason for going on the cleanse was to jump start my goal to eat better.

Particularly with snacking. I was having some trouble before, but now I feel like I can control what I eat. Not eating real food for 3 days was challenging.

However, I did it!


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