The Pressure to be Perfect

Going into freshman year, I thought I could do it all and I did. I took all advanced classes, ran cross country and track, and participated in Model U.N. I wanted to take all the hard classes, get good grades, and be involved every year of high school. I wanted to be perfect. In the […]

Falling for Running

About a week and a half ago, I was finally cleared to run three months post-hip surgery. I was a little bit nervous because I hadn’t ran for four months and I knew I was out of shape. The dreams where I would try to run but my legs felt like they were stuck in […]

Stop Hating on Yourself

I understand having low self-esteem and I get that it can be hard. Sometimes though, its just plain annoying. When I say annoying, I mean when people are talking out loud about how ugly they are or how they shouldn’t have eaten so much or whatever. That is honestly my biggest pet peeve for many […]