Stop Hating on Yourself

I understand having low self-esteem and I get that it can be hard. Sometimes though, its just plain annoying. When I say annoying, I mean when people are talking out loud about how ugly they are or how they shouldn’t have eaten so much or whatever. That is honestly my biggest pet peeve for many reasons. 

First of all, some people have perfectly good self-esteems yet they degrade themselves out loud for attention. That is incredibly irritating. I am not going to sit there and compliment someone day after day because they want the attention. I think compliments are great but I don’t think someone should pressure you into complimenting them because they want you to. Everyone should be able to choose when they hand out their compliments. 

Secondly, just stop. If you want to have a better self-esteem or feel better about your body image for example, then you need to stop bashing yourself out loud. That’s just unnecessarily feeding the problem. Having degrading thoughts isn’t great but its those thoughts become more real when you say them out loud.

Lastly, who cares if you ate too much or you didn’t shave your legs. I guarantee that you will have a miserable life if you let those things get to you. Just let go of all the silly stuff that you freak out about and appreciate life. No one wants to hear that one person who eats a bunch of junk and then goes on for two hours about how they shouldn’t have ate all that. Love yourself, love your body, and love what you eat. 


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