Rape Culture is Never OK

Blaming a girl for getting raped, making excuses for the rapist, slut shaming, and discouraging women from speaking up about their rape are all examples of rape culture. Rape culture is wrong and should be eliminated from society.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when girls blame girls for getting raped. There is no excuse for any guy to rape a girl no matter how the girl is dressed or how under the influence they may be. Women should not have to be taught how to protect themselves from being raped. Instead, men should be taught that raping a woman is wrong. No is no even if it is someone that you are dating.

On another note, calling girls sluts or whores for what they wear or how many sexual partners they may or may not have had, is not okay. There is no equivalent. Men are allowed to have as many sexual partners as they want without having to be fear being called derogatory terms. It’s okay for them to run around without a shirt on but if girls do that, god forbid.  I don’t really like showing a ton of skin buts that mainly because I’m not confident enough to do that. I have a lot of respect for the girls who are confident enough to wear clothing that may be a little more revealing.

On a fairly consistent basis, I read things in the newspaper or in a magazine about girls who have spoken up about being the victims of rape and in turn have been bullied to the brink of having to switch schools while the perpetrators haven’t even been to jail.

News flash, rape is a crime. I find it hard to believe that in some states, rape is only a misdemeanor. I think rape should be a federal offense nationwide. The emotional and physical damage that many rape victims suffer is often irreparable. If victim of rapes have to relive what happened to them for the rest of their life, then their rapists should have to deal with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their sorry lives.

Instead of attacking each other, women should ban together to change the way society thinks of rape. Men too can make the change. There is strength in numbers.


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