The Challenges of being a Woman

In light of recent events in my life, the obstacles women face everyday that men don’t is becoming very apparent to me. Most of the obstacles are created by men who have no boundaries or manners. I find that many women that I know have lowered expectations for how they let people treat them because they think that it’s normal for men to be degrading. Well, its not. I know plenty of males who are very polite and respectful towards women.

Flashback a year to when I was a sophomore at a home football game. When the game was over, my dad wanted me to walk over to Taco Bell to meet him so he could avoid the traffic. I agreed but asked a male friend to walk with me so I wasn’t alone. It’s heartbreaking that women have to fear walking alone on night because of the things strangers might do to them. I’m not saying that men have nothing to be afraid of because walking alone at night is dangerous no matter what. However, women are more commonly raped than men.

Women in the work force have even more challenges. For one, they don’t get paid as much. Even if they do, it doesn’t mean they are going to be treated fairly at work or respectfully.

I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in the workplace because of the actions of male coworkers and I quit my job because of it.

Every time I went to work, I had male coworkers follow me around saying that they loved me or wanted me. Occasionally they would even ask where I lived or to if I would come over. I never filed a complaint because it never escalated and it was easy for me to ignore, but it shouldn’t have happened.

It is never okay for a male to make comments about a female’s body or sexually harass her. This is true the other way around as well but my perspective is that of a female’s. Society needs to recognize that men degrading women is not the norm and is unacceptable. Not all men act like that and the ones that do have no excuse for their behavior. Those lacking respect and control must be held accountable for their actions or nothing will ever change.

Women should never have to lower their expectations for vulgar, surly men. Everyone should be held to the same standards regardless of their gender.


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