Famous Women that I Admire

Nikki Reed. Although she played Rosalie in Twilight, thats not why I like her. When she was 14, she moved out and started living on her own because of a complicated family situation. She dropped out of high school after her first movie Thirteen when parents at her high school started harassing her. However, she still managed to get a high school diploma through homeschooling. I admire the maturity and strength it must have taken to live on her own at 14.

Pink. I remember listening to her second album has a little girl in the car with my mom and my two older sisters. Her second album, Misundazstood, chronicles her battle with drugs and her parents’ divorce. She is now happily married with a child. I have a lot of respect for someone who can pull herself out of drug addiction and become a very successful singer.

Alice PaulLast week in history, we watched Iron Jawed Angels. The movie tells the story of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns’ fight for women’s suffrage. Alice Paul was the leader of the Congressional Union. When she picket Woodrow Wilson during WWI, she was arrested and held in jail for several months. In jail, Alice organized a hunger strike to protest the prison conditions and her imprisonment. The prison staff ended up force feeding her to keep her alive. She was willing to die for her cause and fought for women’s vote so women today didn’t have too.

Sandra Day O’Connor. She was the first woman on the Supreme Court. I can’t even begin to imagine how intimidating it must have been to be on a court of such prestige as the only female justice. That takes a lot of nerve and she has my uttermost respect.

Sheryl Sandberg. The author of Lean In, Sandberg is arguably one of the most successful women of the 21st century. I read Lean In and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the criticisms of many. I respect her for speaking up about what its like to be a working, successful mother and wife. It can’t be easy to balance all of that.

From Harry Potter’s Emma Watson to Malala Yousafzai, women are making impacts big and small across the globe everyday.


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